Tips for Seller's

Get "Verified Vendor" Status

Click Here to learn how to get your “Verified Vendor” status.

Add Attributes for Products (Sizes, Colors, etc)

Follow the steps below or  click here to watch a video

Step 1: Product edit page


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Fill out all of the information pertaining to the attribute (size, color, etc). Here you can add the attribute price, photo, color, etc.



At the moment customers who shop on our website will checkout using PayPal as a method of payment. PayPal also give the option to pay with a credit or debit card.

Please note, that in order to receive instant payment for items sold you must enter your PayPal address within you Sellers Dashboard under Settings — Payments. You must have a valid & verified PayPal account.

If you do now have a PayPal account, signup here:


We recommend that you offer a reasonable return policy for your customers. It helps them feel more confident when making a purchase from your store. You can try a 7, 14, or 30 day return policy. It’s up to you. Or, if you do not accept returns then you must specify that within your store return policy.

Customer Service

Please provide great customer service to the guest on this website. This is a marketplace for you (the vendor) to engage with customers all around the world. We do not interfere with your transactions unless you violate our terms. Take care of the customer and take will take care of you.


When shipping, use the proper packaging needed for your items. Try to minimize any risk for shipping damage as it can ultimately ruin the customer experience. We recommend that you ship the item out within 2 days after the order has been placed. The sooner the better. If you have not updated your shipping fee within the Sellers Dashboard, the default fee is $0.01.

You have two options to update your shipping:

Per-Product – Set a shipping rate for each product.
Within the Sellers Dashboard click “Products”, edit/add product, “Shipping”

Global Settings for Shipping – Set the same shipping rate for all of your products
Within the Sellers Dashboard click “Settings”, “Shipping”

Image Sizes

We recommend using images that are 800 x 973 (max). Nothing bigger because it will not display properly.

If you need help, try:

New Arrival Products

As new products get added onto the website they will automatically show up in order on our homepage.

Featured Products

Currently. we are randomly selecting products to become featured on our website. At the moment there can only be one featured product. Later, we will take requests and charge a small fee to have your product featured on our website.

Best Selling Products

If your item sells a lot on our website you’ll have a good chance to have it listed as a best seller on our homepage. There are currently eight slots for best selling items. Do your best to properly advertise and post nice photos.

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