Is Recirculating Dollars Back Into Black Communities – Black Entrepreneur Fabian Scott Online Marketplace Is Now Live


Nationwide – The hype is real. “It’s time to bring unity and circulate our dollar within our communities,” announced Fabian Scott, the 28-year-old black entrepreneur and creator of The black-owned business marketplace & directory,, is a website designed with our community in mind. And the site is now LIVE!

The articles written about before the site went live created a surge of interest in black communities. The hope, support, and encouragement of the people is the very heartbeat of

“Trafek does not exist if the communities do not support it. I feel uplifted by the supporters, emails, and social media messages that I receive on a daily basis.” Scott said. This is only the beginning of what has in store for the future. In order to continue reaching its highest potential vendors and customers are encouraged to register.

When it is said that blacks work hard; it’s also said and known that we have to. We have been taught to accept the harsh truth and make better use of it. We have toughened ourselves and don’t expect special favors in workplaces or schools. We have learnt from collective experience, that sometimes our skin color is used by others to work against us, yet we remain resilient.

We have a strong sense of family, and unity is a highly promoted value in our neighborhoods. This encouragement in our creativity will support our formidable futures. For success in society, we must continue to stick together. Unity is the strength of the black community. With this unity we have been able to tap into the unique talents that our growing members possess. Let us all continue in this vein.

There is no better way to start the exciting process of exploring the unbelievable talents and products that the community is blessed with, than joining A simple website designed to be as real as the customers that grace the pages created specifically for their service and shopping needs. At we bring the to- dollar talents directly to your fingertips!

Here you can conveniently browse between quality black-owned products and sellers to make all of your shopping choices. Choose from our amazing assortment of talents, located in one place while supporting the growth of the community.

Come to, locate needed services and enjoy! This way you’ll not only have a great time but you’ll also make a difference by supporting black entrepreneurs. With your contributions and support we will empower more than you can imagine.

Together, let’s make history!

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